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Property Management

Man on laptop- San Antonio Apartments- San Antonio College, Fort Sam, University of the Incarnate WordMidTownSA.com is a professional real estate services company with over 160 doors under management and over 45 years of combined management experience in the San Antonio’s MidTown residential rental market. We staff a professional crew of maintenance technicians. Hiring us to manage your property ensures fewer phone calls and fewer headaches, as well as more advertising exposure and more quality tenants.

We offer a tiered management commission structures ranging from 7.75% – 12% of gross rents, optional advertising fees, cost-plus labor, special services (like evictions) billed at cost as needed, and run background checks on every tenant over 17 years of age at no cost to you.  In fact, we offer a good-tenant guarantee and will never put a tenant into your building we would not want to live in our own homes.

One of the most unique offerings, however, is that we live in the neighborhoods your tenants live in. A lot of times tenants move around within a neighborhood or area–especially when they were forced to move out by their previous landlord. As a result, a lot of landlords wind up trading bad tenants.  That means a tenant who was just forced to move out by their current landlord for drugs, prostituting, vandalizing, and / or who just trashed an apartment down the street will soon be knocking on your management office’s door.  When you have off-site managers who don’t live in the neighborhoods they manage for you, there’s a good chance you’ll be that bad tenant’s next victim.  But we do things differently, and approach our management in a vocational (rather than occupational) style.

Our on-site / near-site management puts us head-and-shoulders above other management companies in terms of our ability to protect the long term life expectancy of your building and helps to make sure the neighborhood’s problem tenants don’t fly in under the radar to make you and your rental unit their next victim.

As licensed and knowledgeable real estate professionals, we are also able to assist you in the purchase / sale of both investment properties and private residences.

Golf- San Antonio Apartments- San Antonio College, Fort Sam, University of the Incarnate WordWe are committed to improving the neighborhoods and tenant communities we serve. If you are interested in more information or hiring us to become a part of positive change regarding your rental units, please contact us at info@MidTownSA.com.

Michael Lockridge is the Broker of Record for MidTownSA.com Realty.